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Citroën Mehari


Our Citroën Mehari configurator allows you to compose your dream Mehari all by yourself. You can choose between different options such as the color of your bodywork, roof and much more! Click on the button “compose your car” and start immediately to configure your new Mehari.

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The Citroën Mehari was produced between 1968 and 1988 and is based on the chassis and engine of a Citroën 2CV, with a bodywork made from ABS plastic. In total, around 140.000 Meharis were produced.
There was a version with front-wheel drive, and a version with four-wheel drive. The car was especially popular in France, and less in Belgium and the Netherlands, probably due to the bad weather.
The name refers to the word “méhariste”, a French colonial soldier in Algeria, riding a camel.

History of the Citroën Mehari
There are different types of Meharis: a distinction is made in an old type and a new type. And in addition you have versions for 2 and 4 people. The Mehari was very popular in many French films and series, the most famous of course Louis de Funes.

The Mehari stands out for the often bright colors in which it appears: Hopi (red), Tibesti (green), Montana (green), Kirghiz (orange), Kalahari (beige), Atacama (yellow), Azure (white with blue). In this colors was the Mehari originally released, but of course there is always the possibility to provide the car with a different „design“.